Your life. Your journey.

Psychotherapy has a come a long way since Freud’s time. Back then, the “talking cure” of psychoanalysis was a radical attempt to help people medical doctors had failed to cure. These patients were incapacitated by their symptoms and needed intensive treatment just to be able to function day to day. Today therapists treat individuals with a wide variety of problems, many of which are common personal or social ones.  These may include intimacy and relationship problems, stress management, problems with self-care, spirituality concerns, work/life balance and other emotional challenges.

No matter what the issue, applied therapy is a process of self-examination, emotional awareness and growth. That process is facilitated by a professional therapist educated in human behavior whose goal is to help you identify the attitudes, feelings, and behaviors that will enhance your ability to enjoy yourself and your relationships.

Chris Lahowitch has been extensively trained in psychodynamic theory, cognitive-behavioral and dialectic behavioral therapies, addictions and relationship counseling, as well as mindfulness based theories. She discusses the therapeutic process with each client at the initial interview, and encourages questions throughout the relationship.

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