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Chris Lahowitch, licensed by the state of Georgia as a Clinical Social Worker, has had a psychotherapy and consulting business for twenty years. Her professional experience includes work with depression and anxiety disorders, conflictual relationships, eating disorders, addictions, gay/lesbian issues, HIV, parenting problems and many issues that may contribute to stress and unhealthy habits.

Chris has an M.S.W. degree from the University of North Carolina, an M.A. from the University of South Carolina, and a B.S. from the University of Florida.  She also received a certificate from Smith College for completion of an intensive summer institute in psychotherapy.

Chris’s Treatment Philosophy: I believe that the hardships and emotional pain that bring people into psychotherapy do not come from internal defects or moral badness.  Most emotional conflicts are outcomes of accumulated stress from living in an era of busy lives with too few deep human connections.  The need to communicate with other human beings—to make ourselves be understood and feel appreciated—is a prime motivator in all we do. When people haven’t had the opportunity to be fully understood, communication is difficult, and we often unknowingly become our worse enemy in  important relationships.

In a good therapeutic relationship,  clients are respected, listened to and understood.   We uncover the unconscious ways they sabotage their efforts to feel heard and appreciated.  When this is understood and worked through,  clients have a better idea of how to get what they want in life.

A therapeutic relationship encourages clients to face their strengths, to know and forgive themselves for their vulnerabilities, and to learn how to enhance their lives and the lives of the people around them.

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