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Psychotherapy can seem deceptively simple: a nice, caring person listens then reports back impressions of what is being said. Good interpersonal skills, while extremely important, aren’t enough for a meaningful and effective therapy experience. It’s important to work with someone who has had experience with the issue or difficulty you want to address.

You should also choose someone who is licensed to practice therapy in their field. This includes clinical social work, psychology, professional counseling, or psychiatry. If the therapist has less than five years’ experience, she or he should be under the supervision of a more experienced clinician or consulting with one. Feel free to question this, as well as the fee, and what you can expect from the therapy sessions. Often the way in which questions are handled is as important as the answer. As a consumer of services, it is not unreasonable to interview more than one therapist to determine the best one for you.

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